Our mushroom production is organic certified. We use the finest available organic raw materials from our own organic farm and from local farms in the Bekaa Valley, and import the spawn for the various strains we spawn from Europe’s leading providers. We currently produce organic specialty mushrooms like Oyster mushrooms, Red-Wine Cap or King Stropharia mushrooms, Shiitake and others.

Our Specialty mushrooms have renowned health benefits which have been appreciated in various cultures. Oyster mushrooms for example have been enjoyed in Asian cultures for thousands or years. They are Gluten Free, low on calories, fat free and very low on Sodium. They are rich in nutrients as they are high in protein and fiber, and contain significant levels of zinc, iron, calcium, vitamin C, Folic acid, and Vitamins B1 & B2. They have medicinal properties and are antioxidents and anti-cancer. Oyster mushroom varieties under production include the Florida variation, summer & winter Oyster mushrooms, as well as the Golden Oyster mushrooms, featuring in the photo above.

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