At Lili’s Farm, we test-cook each variety we produce and we find subtle differences in the taste of each variety. We believe savouring specialty mushrooms is a satisfying experience that enriches accompanying food, enhances taste experience and inevitably leads to appreciating the various subtle differences in flavor, aroma and texture of specialty mushroom varieties.

Lili’s Farm organic mushrooms are fresh and flavorful. Each variety, however, would lend its flavor to a different cooking style, or a preparation method. While some mushrooms are best eaten cooked, some pass readily in salads or cold sandwiches or appetizers. To help you bring the best taste out of your organic mushrooms, we have consulted the best mushroom recipes by the world’s most renowned chefs. But this doesn’t mean you can not simple stir-fry your mushrooms with chopped vegetables and a toss of soy sauce, as we have done for our first harvest tasting (photo above). If you opted to marinate or stir fry, remember to keep the oil “crackling” as Gordon Ramsey describes the sound of the heated oil under the mushrooms, because as he says: the minute the heat is gone, you start boiling the mushrooms, and therefore you got no more flavor.”

Here are some links to recipes for our available varieties in the market:

Oyster Mushroom recipes:

Fred Foster, famous green grocer in London’s Borough Market and mushroom expert describes Oyster mushrooms as meaty in texture and having a silky smooth flavor. When Oyster mushrooms dry out in your fridge, they only get better as they soften and their flavor concentrates. Fresh or dry, tear them with your hands starting from the cap edge and going to the stem rather than cut with a knife.

Butternut squash au gratin by Alain Ducasse

Steamed yellow soya with mushrooms by Alain Ducasse

Artisanal paccheri with chestnut and sautéed mushrooms by Alain Ducasse

Scrambled eggs with wild mushrooms by Gordon Ramsay.

Grilled mushroom risotto by Jamie Oliver

The real mushroom soup from Jamie Oliver’s book Jamie’s Dinners

Pappardelle with spicy sausage and mixed wild mushrooms from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook, “The Naked Chef Takes Off”

Wild mushroom crostini by James Beard

Pan seared chicken with oyster mushrooms by James Beard

Oyster Mushroom Cappuccino with White Truffle Oil by Sean Olnowich

Mushroom Quiche by Thomas Keller

Oyster Mushroom Soup with Walnuts by Daniel Boulud

Chicken Grand-mère Francine by Daniel Boulud

Warm Camembert with Wild Mushroom Fricassee by Daniel Boulud